Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions. For further information please get in touch with us directly through our contact page.

How does Gametraveller work?

What makes Gametraveller different from all other accomodation sharing websites is that it is available only to sports fans. We put you in touch with fans from all over the world who can share their accomodation with you when you follow your team on the road.

Gametraveller does not allow people to list their entire home, the host must be living in the accomodation with the guest during their stay.

Can I host or stay with people who do not follow the same teams as me?

Although Gametraveller was created to bring together fans of the same team, as a host you can take in anyone you like. Generally people will look to stay with fellow supporters but there will be times where this isn’t possible. All of us at Gametraveller are big sports fans (obviously) and we understand that some supporters may not get along (that’s putting it nicely) Communicate with your host and there shouldn’t be any problems. Some of the best experiences we have heard so far from members have involved two people who support different clubs. They have a drink before the game, support their respective teams during the game and have another drink afterwards, regardless of the score. That’s what makes sport so fantastic.

I follow a sport or team that isn’t represented on Gametraveller.

Then please get in touch and let us know. We plan to expand the number of sports and teams we cater for as we grow and would love to hear from you. We love the idea of supporting smaller or less recognised sports as the possibility of staying with someone who shares the same interest as you is what we are all about.

What are your Service fees?

There are no membership fees or charges to list accommodation on the site. As a Host there is a 4.8% Service Fee if someone books with you, this is to cover administration and processing of transactions. For guests, there is a 12% service fee which is added on to the overall booking amount.

How do I withdraw my money?

The money you earn through hosting is held in a secure account until the first day of your guests booking. At that time you are able to request the funds be transferred to your Paypal account or via an Electronic Fund Transfer. You are not able to access the money until the booking has commenced in case of a cancellation.

To request a fund withdrawal go to your Profile page and select Withdrawal. You will then be asked to choose Paypal or Bank Transfer as your preferred option.

Should I have Insurance?

As a host please ensure that your residence is correctly insured. There are now specific home insurance policies available that cover “guests” staying with you and we suggest you familiarise yourself with these options before you start hosting. Most instances of accidental damage can be sorted out between host & guest but if necessary we can mediate to achieve a resolution.

The listing is not what I expected.

Please ensure that you are 100% truthful with your listing. Remember, your guest might post a review of their stay with you so by being as honest as possible you will more likely get a positive review. The more positive reviews you get the more guests you will have wanting to stay with you. Gametraveller is unlike other similar websites in that we focus on the sport primarily but the level of accommodation you get is very important and part of the overall experience. As a host please put as much effort as possible into making you guests stay a good one. For guests, please remember that the majority of our listings are low cost and are aimed at you saving money. Don’t expect lap pools & home cinemas, although you never know.