Gametraveller works because of the relationship between fans and the strong bond that exists particularly between supporters of the same club. Safety is a great concern to us, whether you are hosting, being a guest, exploring a new city or attending a game.

Below are some helpful hints to make your experience as safe as possible. If you ever have any concerns please call our support line so we can assist where possible.


Safety as a Host

At Gametraveller we do as much as we can to ensure that your guests will respect you and your home when they come to stay. Our peer review system is the best way to judge if your guest is someone you feel comfortable sharing your space with and establishing contact as soon as possible can help to find out more about them before they arrive.

Be sure to let your guest know if there are any house rules and be honest with them regarding the sleeping arrangements and other information to do with the accommodation. This will prevent any issues arising later on and help to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. Good reviews are essential for both hosts & guests and will help you build a good reputation as a Gametraveller Host.


Safety as a Guest

Look at you potential hosts profile and reviews from past guests they have hosted. This will help you determine if the host is someone you would feel comfortable staying with.

Be sure that you understand what your host is offering and maintain good channels of communication before you arrive. Most problems will occur due to miscommunication or a misunderstanding and although we ask our hosts to be honest about what they are offering guests we also ask that guests be realistic. Gametraveller is all about providing reasonably priced accommodation so fans can save money when they travel.

If you are uncomfortable or feel your safety is at risk then remove yourself from the situation. Although this is unlikely to happen we suggest that this should be your first course of action or if necessary contact local law enforcement.

If you are visiting a city that you are unfamiliar with then please do some research before you travel and ask your host for advice for places to visit or to avoid. Depending on the sport, wearing your teams colours is not as risky as it once was but we do recommend you consider such things as where you are, will you be exploring the city alone etc. Once again, speak to your host and ask their advice. That is what they are there for.

Be as considerate as possible and respectful of their home. Treat their residence as you would expect someone to treat your own in terms of cleanliness, noise levels, appropriate behavior and so on.

Communication and payment between hosts & guests should always be done on Gametraveller so we have a record of all correspondence and transactions. This will help to protect both parties in case issues arise.

99.9% of hosts & guests experience no issues and are left with an incredible experience at the end of their stay. Win, lose or draw. We know you will too.