How To Be The Perfect Guest


One thing we ask of all guests is that they treat their accommodation as if it was their own house. Abide by any rules your host might have and be respectful of their wishes. A lot of the people who use Gametraveller host fans in their own residence as well as being guests when they travel so they understand what is expected of them. There are the obvious things like respecting other people’s personal and religious beliefs but here are a few other tips.

  • Don’t invite people back to your hosts residence unless you have their approval.
  • Be aware of their lifestyle and not causing disruption. Eg. Are they shift workers? Do they have young children?etc..
  • Ask them if there is anything you should know regarding amenities. Do they mind if you use appliances,kitchen etc.
  • Clean up after yourself. Pretty simple really.



Having an open line of communication between guest and host is important so check-in can go as smoothly as possible. Always use the Gametraveller website to communicate so there is a record of the conversation and try to be specific with your travelling details and arrangements.


Pitch In

Being a guest doesn’t mean you cant offer to help out in some way. Pretend you are at a friends house. Washing dishes up after cooking or even cooking a meal for the your host. The smallest of things can leave a great impression.


Don’t Expect a Full Time Tour Guide

We hope that hosts will make the effort to show you around or give you advice if you are in a city that is not familiar to you but don’t expect them to be available all the time. They will still need to perform their daily routine while you are there so be mindful of that.



Make sure you provide feedback once your trip is over. Positive feedback helps both hosts & guests so keep this in mind when you review your host. If you have any suggestions or feedback it is often better to give it to them in person rather than posting negative comments in a review.