Gametraveller is a community of sports fans from all around the world who offer accommodation to other travelling fans. It was started to help reduce the cost of supporting your favourite team and provide a better experience when you travel to games.
Hotels often increase their prices to take advantage of supporters. While using accommodation sharing websites can provide a cheaper alternative but you end up staying with someone who you have nothing in common with.

With Gametraveller you can stay with fellow fans who support the same club as you or even opposition fans if you wish. Imagine staying with someone just as fanatical about a team as you are, who you can share stories & memories with and make your game day experience even more exciting.

Also, by being a host on Gametraveller you can put the money you earn back into your own travel and as a result, go to more games during the season.

So now, no matter where in the world you go to watch your team, you will find other fans with whom you can..
“Share The Passion”.

We are currently looking for hosts to sign up and join the Gametraveller team as we prepare for the 2018/19 EPL, NFL & NBA seasons.