How To Be The Perfect Host

Be Yourself

Unlike most other “vacation rental” websites, Gametraveller is about connecting people with a similar passion. We are not looking at turning people into landlords whose focus is on making money. The success of this website rests with the relationship between those who use it and the experiences that come from those new relationships. Be yourself and try to bring some of yourself out in your listing and profile. Why would a fellow fan want to stay with you?

Be Honest 

Tell the truth in your listing so you can avoid any issues or confusion when your guest arrives. Some people may not mind if you are on the 10th floor and they have to sleep on a couch as long as you are up front. Just make sure you outline these things with as many photos (clear & good quality) as possible. If your listing is accurate and reasonably priced then they will be happy. It will be the effort you put in as a host that will make the difference.

Go The Extra Mile

We aren’t talking monogrammed slippers and mints on the pillow. If you are offering a private room, then take the time to add some special touches that your guest will appreciate. Imagine if you were the guest, what would impress you? It could be some player posters, flags, scarves or even a team bed set. Get creative! We offer great prizes for the host that goes to the most effort.  More importantly it will give you an edge over other hosts who haven’t gone to the trouble. Send us your photos of what you’ve done to make your accommodation a stand out.


Ensure you contact your guest through the website to confirm details of their visit and any other issues. Try and keep all your correspondence through the website so you have a record and if we are required to assist. We may not be able to offer help solving disputes if you have been dealing with your guest outside of Gametraveller.

Tour Guide

You may not have much free time to spend with your guest but at least arm them with as much info as you can, particularly if they are in a city or country they are not familiar with. Use your knowledge to keep them tips and ideas on how to spend their time and always have their safety in mind. If there are areas they should avoid then please let them know.


Prepare your accommodation in the same way a hotel would get a room ready for a new guest. You might think your place is clean & tidy but imagine it from anothers persons perspective. Get a friend or family member to come in and be honest about what you could improve. It could mean a full clean of the house or just a few new pillows. Don’t take it personally, it all helps to make your listing more desirable.


Assuming your guest enjoys their stay, ask them to leave you some positive feedback on your listing page but also return the favour and post a review of them as a guest. People look for listings with positive feedback so always encourage people to leave one.